How does the Trust help?

The Trust helps in two ways:

  • By making funds available to support projects
  • By making skills in the local community available when this is possible

If you are either a potential donor or someone who is seeking support for a project you will find the guidelines below helpful. These are not strict rules. For the right project or reason these rules may be bent or even broken. They do, however, suggest the kind of project that will usually be favoured by the Trust.

Generally this charity tends to favour:

  • Smaller bids (up to £500) but, where justified, we may consider larger amounts
  • Projects that are closely and realistically budgeted
  • Projects that deliver a wide range of CYCT charitable objectives or one or a few in depth
  • People or groups who can show evidence that they are enthusiastic and energetic
  • One-off awards (although regular amounts over time may be considered in appropriate cases)
  • Projects that implement or that promote equal opportunities
  • Projects where you can show people will want what you have to offer

Generally this charity does not tend to favour:

  • Projects that want money for operational costs or regular expenses
  • Projects that have low or no voluntary input
  • Projects that make significant wage demands
  • Projects that lack appropriate planning, expertise or skills for the delivery of its targets
  • Projects that duplicate adequate provision elsewhere
  • Projects that are not local (i.e. main benefit about 8 miles radius around Llanidloes)
  • Projects that have no clear outcomes or targets
  • Grants to groups that can easily get support elsewhere
  • Applications where the applicant expects the Trust to both fund and run the project

Why are the Trustees so fussy?

Because they want to achieve as much good for the local area and people as possible. In addition the Trustees have a legal responsibility to use the funds effectively and in the furtherance of our charitable objectives. They take these responsibilities very seriously.

What is local?

Normally projects will tale place within a radius of about 8 miles around Llanidloes. This includes Caersws, Llandinam, Llangurig and Staylittle. Most beneficiaries should be local and the Trustees prefer to see local people running and supporting the projects. Again, there is some flexibility in the definition. If you are unsure, do get in touch.