A lot of people are involved in making the Trust work.


The Trust is a membership organisation. People join to show support for what the Trust is trying to do. Some of our volunteers and tenants have also become members. Some members like to take part in key decisions at the annual General meeting. A few find they want to get more involved and opt for one of the opportunities below.

Membership application form: download.


There are currently 9 trustees who look after the Charity’s affairs including the building. All of the Trustees and the officers are volunteers and, apart from expenses incurred in the business of the Trust, can receive no remuneration. All our Trustees are active, getting involved in the day to day running of the Trust and the projects it supports. If you think you have skills and time to offer as an active Trustee do get in touch.

Volunteers and helpers

People volunteer and help in a number of ways. Some people help on a regular basis like the Trustees or people who work on the gardens. Some offer occasional help when asked, and sometimes when not asked. Some run projects. Some get jobs done, quietly and without fuss. Some just offer encouragement and appreciation for jobs completed and problems solve. The Trust is a team effort. There are many ways to help. Let us know if you would like to join in.

Support staff

The Trustees are privileged to have Bijon Sinha working for one day a week providing administrative support. This is a paid post.

Local people

Local people are the bedrock of the Trust. As contributors, donors, beneficiaries and supporters we are all part of this local community and we will all benefit from supporting it.