What does the Trust do?

Established in 1981, the Trust has reinvented itself several times. At present we are aiming to address a very wide range of our local community's needs and interests. We do this by:

  • Making funds available to support local projects which help further our charitable objectives.
  • Helping to fund continuing projects such as the ‘SoundBites’ live music events.
  • Helping to support and fund the gardens open to the public at the rear of our building.
  • Helping artists by exhibiting their work in the Great Oak Café.
  • Renting to tenants sympathetic to our aims, such as:
    • The Great Oak Café, with delicious and inexpensive vegetarian food.
    • Peter Croll - Violin Maker
    • Inner Sol Therapies, who provide body/soul/mind therapies
  • Using our charitable status to help raise grants, donations and awards for projects which help support our charitable objectives.
  • Working with the whole local community but particularly with individuals or groups who may have been denied equal chances, opportunities or access.

The Trust does give grants to suitable local projects. To find out more and for details of how to apply see the How does the Trust help? page and

If you would like a copy of the Trust's Annual Report please select the year below:

2021 (3.8Mb pdf)

2020 (3.4Mb pdf)

2019 (3.8Mb pdf)

2018 (8Mb pdf)

2017 (4.2Mb pdf)